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Our Story

cart chaos, fixed.


Our Story

cart chaos, fixed

We’ve all seen it.

Shopping carts left in parking spots. Carts run up on curbs or pooled in parking lot shrubbery. Carts rolling toward parked—or moving—cars (they aren’t picky). We saw the same things you have and decided to do something about it.

What we learned blew us away. For one, dealing with stray shopping carts is crazy expensive for retailers. We reviewed as much online research as we could find. But that wasn’t enough, so we contacted more than 1400 shopping cart users, 440 interviewees, and 500 store managers from three major retailers to see what they think. With the data we gathered, we calculated that it costs those retailers more than $2.1 billion a year—just to move carts from parking lots to the storefront. In addition, many carts are stolen. Finding them and replacing them is costly. Adding insult to injury, many cities fine the retailer when stolen carts turn up around town.

Clearly, we were on to something. The deeper we went, the more we realized that people have strong feelings about shopping carts—and the shoppers who use them. Failing to return a shopping cart to a cart corral or the store apparently is tantamount to being anything from merely thoughtless to truly awful. Hmmmmm.

And so Curbisy was born. Our name comes from “courtesy” and our mission to return as many carts to storefronts as possible. Our innovative technology and app reward shoppers to do the right thing—return their carts. Each cart returned earns points toward cash back rewards at the store. At the same time, we can help retailers save millions of dollars. We can help free employees from “cart-train” duty and turn their talents to more strategic projects. We can protect customers from driverless carts taking direct aim at a high-speed roll. We can even help stop cart kidnapping and abandonment around America.

In short, we’re working towards a better, more courteous life for shopping carts, their retail teammates, and the customers that they so faithfully serve.

Meet Our Advisors



Dan is a global retail and consumer packaged goods executive with broad experience across diverse business environments and formats, leading traditional food retail operations and merchandising, as well as product development, consumer and category analytics, sourcing and procurement, global trading, national sales and ecommerce. Dan has managed and led integrated business teams up to 500 employees, developing high performance teams. Dan is an outstanding strategist and general manager, and he has led the successful startup of multiple diverse businesses. For the last six years Dan has focused on the digital channel selling to ecommerce retailers and running multi-million-dollar businesses for and, and as strategic advisor and Head of Sales to PepsiCo’s the Hive/Quick Cycle Innovation. And today, Dan is on the Faculty at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University where he teaches both graduates and undergraduates in Food and Consumables Marketing, Supply Chain Strategy, and he is the Director of External Education for the Food Industry Management Program.


B.S. in Agribusiness and Marketing, Cornell University (1993)

MBA, University of Connecticut (2001)

Global Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
Executive, Director of Executive Education & Senior
Lecturer – Cornell SC Johnson School of Business